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Carleton Electoral District 017

Manotick (Long Is., Nicolls Is., south of Bankfield Rd.), North Gower, Kars, Richmond, Munster, Stittsville, Riverside South, Osgoode, Greely, Metcalfe. (Barrhaven is in Nepean Electoral District.)

This riding was created by electoral redistribution (2012) for both provincial and federal elections. 41% of the riding comes from the riding of Carleton?Mississippi Mills, 59% from Nepean?Carleton and under 1% from Ottawa South.

Election History: Nepean-Carleton & Carleton

  • 1867 to 1968: Carleton, a Canadian electoral district was created in Ontario. (Carleton (Wikipedia))
  • 1976: Nepean-Carleton electoral district was created (information, map)
  • 1986: Renamed Nepean
  • 1996: Renamed Nepean-Carleton again, combined with part of Carleton-Gloucester and Lanark-Carleton ridings
  • 1997 Federal Election winner: David Pratt (Lib)
    Paul Fitzgerald (Reform), Betty Hill (PC), Cathy Martin (NDP), Terrence Bellz (Canadian Action), Brian Jackson (Natural Law)
  • 1999 Ontario election winner: John Baird (PC)
    Other Candidates: Gord Hunter (Lib), Craig Parsons (NDP), Bill Frampton (Freedom), Brian E. Jackson (Natural Law)
  • 2000 Federal election winner: David Pratt (LIB)
    Candidates: David Pratt (Lib), Can. Alliance: Michael Green, Bill Knott (PC), Craig Parsons (NDP), Isobel McGregor (GRN), Jack Waisvisz (Canadian Action), Lester Newby (Natural Law)
    Registered voters: 83,533
  • 2003 Ontario election winner: John Baird (PC)
    Rod Vanier (LIB), Liam McCarthy (NDP), Matt Takach (GRN)
  • 2004: Nepean-Carleton expanded to add part of eastern Ottawa up to Highway 417.
  • 2004 Federal election Nepean-Carleton winner: Pierre Poilievre (PC)
    Other Candidates: LIB: David Pratt, NDP: Phil Brown, GRN: Chris Walker, Marijuana: Brad Powers.
  • 2005 Nepean-Carleton Population: 109,291;
    Average family income: $94,830; Unemployment: 4.3%
  • 2006 Federal election Nepean-Carleton winner - : Pierre Poilievre (CON)
    Other Candidates: LIB: Michael Gaffney, NDP: Laurel Gibbons, GRN: Lori Gadzala.
  • 2007 Ontario election winner: Lisa MacLeod (PC)
    Other Candidates: LIB: Jai Aggarwal, NDP: Tristan Maack, GRN: Gordon Kubanek, Family Coalition: Suzanne Fortin.
  • 2008 Federal election Nepean-Carleton
    Winner: Conservative Party: Pierre Poilievre,
    Liberal Party: Ed Mahfouz,
    New Democratic Party: Phil Brown,
    Green Party: Lori Gadzala.
  • 2011 Federal election Nepean-Carleton winner: Pierre Poilievre (CON)
    Other Candidates: LIB: Ryan Keon, NDP: Ric Dagenais, GRN: Jean-Luc Cook.
  • 2012: Carleton and Nepean federal and provincial electoral districts were created during restribution and used in the 2015 federal election.
  • 2015 Federal election
    Conservative: Pierre Poilievre 27,762 46.9%
    Liberal: Chris Rodgers 25,813 43.6%
    New Democratic Party: KC Larocque 3,632 6.1%
    Green Party: Deborah Coyne 1,932 3.3%
      Total votes: 59,139
  • 2016 Population: Carleton: 102,918,  Nepean: 119,110
  • 2018 Ontario Election: Carleton district
    Progressive Conservative Party: Goldie Ghamari (won with 51% of vote)
    Green Party: Cody Zulinski
    Liberal Party: Tom Dawson
    New Democrats: Kevin St. Denis
  • 2018 Ontario Election: Nepean district
    Progressive Conservative Party: Lisa MacLeod (Incumbent) won with 45% of vote
    Green Party: Kaitlyn Tremblay
    Liberal Party: Tyler Watt
    New Democratic Party: Brian Double
  • 2019 Federal election: Carleton winner:
    Conservative: Pierre Poilievre 31,637 46.6%
    Liberal: Chris Rodgers 25,934 38.2%
    New Democratic Party: Kevin Hua 6,289 9.3%
    Green Party: Gordon Kubanek 3,302 4.9%
    People's Party: Alain Musende 773 1.1%
      Total votes: 67,935 of 87,807 registered electors (77.37%)
      Population: 102,918  Voters List: 87,807
  • 2019 Federal election: Nepean winner:
    Liberal: Chandra Arya 31,098 45.6%
    Conservative: Brian St. Louis 22,849 33.5%
    New Democratic Party: Zaff Ansari 8,852 13.0%
    Green Party: Jean-Luc Cooke 4,347 6.4%
    People's Party: Azim Hooda 719 1.1%
    Communist: Dustan Wang 326 0.5%
        Total votes: 68,191 - 73% of 93,119 registered voters
        Population: 119,110
  • 2021 Nepean Electoral District facts
    Population: 132,769 (2021)
    Median household income: $102,000 (2015)
    Median age: 38 (2021)
    Size of the riding (774 sq. kilometres)
    Language spoken at home ? 77% English; 5% Indo-European; 3.8% Chinese; 3% French.
  • 2021 Federal election: Carleton electoral district
    Conservative: Pierre Poilievre 35,356 50%
    Liberal: Gustave Roy 24,298 34%
    New Democratic Party: Kevin Hua 8,164 12%
    People's Party of Canada: Peter Crawley 1,728 4%
    Green Party: Nira Dookeran 1,327 3%
        Total votes: 70,873 - 80% of 88,701 registered voters
        Population 102,918
  • 2022 Ontario Election: Carleton district (132,769 in 2021)
    Conservative: Goldie Ghamari 12,087 (incumbent winner)
    Liberal Party: Tom Dawson 7,335
    New Democratic Party: Kevin St. Denis 4.523
    Green Party: Cody Zulinski
    New Blue Party: Rob Stocki
  • 2022 Ontario Election: Nepean district
    Progressive Conservative Party: Lisa MacLeod 3,832 (Incumbent winner)
    Liberal Party: Tyler Watt 3,281
    New Democrats: Brian Double 1,896
    Green Party: Kaitlyn Tremblay
    New Blue: Kathleen Corriveau
    NOTA: Ken O'Regan

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