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Manotick area Garbage & Recycling

The Manotick area has City of Ottawa garbage and recycle boxes picked up on Friday. Manotick, CGYC, and Kars are in Zone 4 Friday B zone; North Gower is in Zone 2 Friday A.  Osgoode Village and Greely pickup is also Friday.

  • Blue Box (cans/bottles) & Garbage - every 2 weeks
  • Black Box (paper/cardboard) - every 2 weeks
  • Green Bin - weekly (e.g. food, meat, bones, soiled pizza boxes, eggs, dairy products, plants, pet litter in paper bags)
  • Leaf & Yard Waste - weekly (place separately from other cans)
  • Hazardous waste must be taken to scheduled locations.


  1. Manotick Directory: Recycle, Reuse & Donate directory - where to recycle electronics, donate household goods and clothing, and sell or give away unwanted items.
  2. Garbage and Recycling (City of Ottawa)
    • Download a Garbage & Recycle Calendar for your address.
    • Get reminders or add a Garbage Calendar to your Google Calendar.
    • Hazardous waste, Electronic waste
  3. Ontario "Orange Drop" hazardous waste program by Stewardship Ontario
  4. Make Green Kitchen bin liners out of newspaper (Youtube Video)

Hazardous waste examples:
These must be taken to a scheduled hazardous waste depot:
energy efficient light bulbs (fluorescent), aerosol containers, barbecue starters, brake fluid, chemicals, cleaners, disinfectants, fire extinguishers, fungicides, furniture stripper, gasoline, herbicides, insecticides, needles, oven cleaners, paint, pool chemicals, propane tanks, stains, turpentine, window cleaner, wood preservatives.

"Take it Back" retailers accept products such as:
oil, antifreeze, appliances, batteries, building supplies, butane canisters, car parts, computer keyboards, computer monitors, garden pots, gasoline, motor oil, nails and wire, oil filters, paint thinner, peat pots & plastic flats, prescription drugs, propane tanks, scrap metal, styrofoam flats, tires, toner cartridges, used needles and syringes. Residents must phone before returning an item for recycling or proper disposal.
Latex paint - Harden paint using clumping cat litter or paint hardener and put in your regular garbage. Put empty, cleaned paint can and lid in the Blue Box separately.
CF bulbs (fluorescent) - drop off at Home Depot or IKEA.
Manotick Public Library is a Take it Back! partner.

Single-use batteries can be dropped off at:
The Source, 81 Riocan Ave, Unit M5, Barrhaven
Home Depot, 3779 Strandherd Dr, Barrhaven
Manotick Library, 5499 South River Dr.
Walter Baker Sports Centre, 100 Malvern Dr, Barrhaven
Total Battery, 65 Bentley Ave, Unit 12
Costco Wholesale, 415 West Hunt Club Rd

Gargabe picking:
"Once items have been placed out at the curb for municipal curbside collection, the items belong to the City. Residents are allowed to take items that have been placed out at the curb as long as these items are loose and no mess is made. Residents are not allowed to take any material that has been placed in a blue or black box. Furthermore, residents are not allowed to rummage through garbage cans or bags."
- City of Ottawa

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