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Waterfront & Rideau River Health

Most of the pollutants and algae overgrowth in the river are caused by runoff from the shoreline soil containing chemicals. You can improve the health of the Rideau River, humans, and pets by doing these simple things.

  1. Plant more trees and shrubs to prevent rain run-off and pollution.
  2. Reduce water consumption using water-efficient shower heads, low-flush toilets, full-load clothes washing.
  3. Use environmentally friendly household and garden products.
  4. Retain rainfall in rain barrels.
  5. Dig up weeds rather than using pesticides (Fiskars makes the best tool).
  6. If you use weed-killers, apply with a spot sprayer right before dry weather. (Even natural products may require protective clothing and child-proof storage.)
  7. Use organic fertilizers such as manure, compost, corn gluten.
  8. Use organic mulch (bark, cedar, hay, shredded leaves, bean hulls) around plants to conserve water, prevent weeds, and enriches the soil.
  9. Keep plants healthy to reduce the need for chemical treatment.
  10. Use biodegradable soap to wash a car on pavement.
  11. Get involved in neighbourhood water-protection activities.
  12. Soak weeds with vinegar during dry weather to kill them.

Shoreline Work

Shoreline Work in the Rideau watershed requires approval of Parks Canada and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA).


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