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Manotick 125 Heritage Celebrations 1984

Manotick celebrated it's 125th Anniversary with a celebration on June 1 - 9, 1984. The page titles and matching image scans are from the 50-page historical booklet created by volunteers. It sold for the princely sum of $3.

  1. FRONT COVER: Manotick one-two-five
  2. A {future} Dickinson Day message ...2009
  3. Mayor's message (David Bartlett)
  4. When land soared to $40 an acre
  5. Tourism becomes grist for the mill
  6. Highlights of a quarter-century
  7. Making way for 'sunshine' church
  8. Boats arrive by sea and land, Antique Boat Club
  9. How Tea Room showed the way
  10. Tennis, Curling, Soccer, Swimming
  11.         Softball, Hockey
  12. Forefathers and founding families, Todd, Cummings, Clingin
  13.         McNeil, Boy
  14.         Leach, Buchanan, Condie
  15.         Bergin, Dore, Collins
  16. The A B C of Manotick education - Nursery, St. Leonard's, Public School
  17. Acres and acres of recreation, Scouts, Guides
  18. Legion sets pattern for seniors, Miller's Oven, Kinsmen
  19. South for the winter? Not this log - Horticultural Society, Walter Collins Park
  20. The Mews: it's really a long story, Art Association
  21. Program Manotick 125th Anniversary Celebrations
  22. BACK COVER: Lindsay and McCaffrey
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"Manotick one-two-five" may be loaned from the Manotick Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.
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