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Manotick Community Dances

Caller – Pippa Hall and The Ever Hopeful String Band with
Bruce Barton, Arlene Probert, Bob Davidson, John Henderson

Join the Ever Hopeful String Band and caller Pippa Hall for a family-friendly, alcohol-free evening of community dancing, including circles, squares and contras. Each dance is taught and the whole family is invited. The evening begins at 7 pm with simple dances, followed by dances that build on skills as the evening progresses. There's a break midway, with light refreshments served.

The fiddle tunes and driving traditional rhythms just keep toes tapping and get everyone up to join in! The 'caller' guides the dancers through the moves, and everybody quickly gets the swing of things. Traditional circles and square dances are taught along with their cousin, contra dance, to engage all participants in the fun, so bringing a partner isn't necessary.

Calls of 'Forward and back, dos-si-dos, and swing with your neighbor' combine with lots of laughter as everyone in the hall has a chance to dance with each other. Partners swing each other to the music, children under 12 years old dance with their grandparents, teens promenade with their friends, and everyone has a great evening.

Our community social dances, hosted by the Manotick United Church, started in 2014, and families, friends and their neighbours are making these evenings a regular event they don?t want to miss. See you at the next dance!

Youtube Video: Manotick Community Dance Nov. 24, 2017

Pippa Hall & The Ever Hopeful String Band

Round Dance

People being taught the dances

Bruce Barton, Arlene Probert, Bob Davidson, John Henderson

The Ever Hopeful String Band
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