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Help pick out Canada's official bird by 2017, our 150th anniversary: nationalbird.canadiangeographic.ca

Ottawa Area

Great Blue Heron
White-crowned sparrow

Young Green Heron
Local Birding Locations
Our list of popular birding locations, maps
The Ottawa Citizen: World of Birds
The birding column by Bruce Dilabio was removed in December 2016, but previous information is still online.
Ottawa Field Naturalists Club
oldest natural history club in Canada
birding, investigation, publication, conservation
Safewings.ca - bird collision prevention and rescue
Wild Bird Care Centre
Rehabilitates injured birds with volunteers & donations
Injured bird: place in a paper bag and call 613-216-8999.
Bluebird houses project
Jim Houston 256-3509
Bird Studies Canada
Collects data on bird nests in Canadian backyards. During the nesting period, record the date, time, nest contents (eggs or birds), geographic location, and nesting habitat.
Catherine Poussart 418-649-6062
by Elizabeth Le Geyt
1 part lard (rendered beef/bacon fat)
1 part peanut butter
2 parts quick cooking oats
2 parts cornmeal
1 part bird seed

Melt the lard and peanut butter.
Mix in the oats and cornmeal.
Add the seed and mix.
Form into blocks or spoon
into holes in a hanging log.
Very popular with birds in winter.

Elizabeth Marion Le Geyt (1914-2017)

Elizabeth Le Geyt

Elizabeth Le Geyt of Manotick wrote birding columns for 39 years (1974 to 2013) for the Ottawa Citizen. She never missed a deadline! She was honoured with Order of Ontario in November 2009. Elizabeth retired from the newspaper at the age of 98 -- the oldest columnist in Canada. She was beloved by her readers by focusing on birds they might see in their back yards. She often named the people who sent her sightings - a thrill for many to see their name in print (including this humble writer). At 100, she published a delightful memoir "Bird Lady" recounting her lifetime of birding experiences. Read about Elizabeth Le Geyt Award 2009: Linda Ryan, Andy Durocher


Young Green Herons

Ontario's bird: Common Loon
Bird Species seen in Ontario: 479
Bird watching is the number one hobby in the world.


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