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Tyler Kealey

Tyler Kealey

Tyler Kealey is a versatile singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. With influences like Elton John and Supertramp, his energy, talent, and story-telling ability have made him a favourite within the Ottawa music scene. In addition to performing for a loyal fan base as part of Ottawa's popular Dueling Pianos show, Tyler writes his own music, crafting meaningful and emotional songs while still injecting energy into every performance.

Known for his vocal prowess and improvisational piano solos, Tyler Kealey collects little moments in the everyday and brings them to life through his songs. With sharp, storytelling lyrics and melodic piano lines that lean into folk just as much as they do blues and rock, each performance takes the audience on a journey of untamed adventure.

A few performance highlights include a six city tour of China, opening for Metric at Ottawa Bluesfest (2011), and playing at the Cornwall Lift-off Festival (2012). More recently Tyler has played shows at The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield), the Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto), the Neat Cafe (Burnstown), and opened a sold out show for The Barstool Prophets in Ottawa.

A recent album, And Somehow I Fell Upon This Place, was recorded at Operation Northwoods with renowned producer Darryl Neudorf. The songs range from gritty to smooth and incorporate pop piano with an indie rock sound.

"Tyler is the real deal. A triple-threat who can sing, play and write. Just a super talent."
  – Dick Cooper, The Cooper Brothers

"Tyler.. is a perennial audience favourite at the Ottawa Bluesfest. His song-writing ability, vocal prowess, and astonishing mastery of the piano, along with his genius regarding all things musical, are incredibly inspiring to the students who participate in the Blues In The Schools program and to all music fans that witness his performances."
  – Mark Monahan, Executive Director, Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest

"Tyler's songwriting has a great knack for taking everyday items and happenings and making them seem extraordinary through his melody and delivery. I've never heard a voice quite like his."
  – Graham Greer, Barstool Prophets

"He is fluent in so many ways: jazz, rock, blues, celtic folk, and pop. His commands of melody, harmony, rhythm and improvisation have always impressed greatly. I was happy to book Kevin Hearn of the Barenaked Ladies as an opening act for Tyler's CD release at the Black Sheep Inn in 2009. Tyler brought in a great crowd and sold out the place, playing an unforgettable show, as well as selling dozens of his latest CD."
  – Paul Symes, Black Sheep Inn

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