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Terry Gillespie

"The blues is the root, the rest is the fruit." -- Willie Dixon
Terry Gillespie

Terry Gillespie has been called a musical Shaman, Canada’s King of Roots Music and Mr. Groove for good reason - his live performances are fascinating, entertaining and captivating in a way that allows the audience to pay attention and not be distracted from the music by egotistical showmanship and maniacal guitar playing. He is both charismatic and soulful. His guitar is tasteful, his vocals beautifully phrased and he is backed by an energy of sound that pulls people off their chairs and onto the dance floor. Those in attendance at Terry Gillespie shows are part of the show, with each audience member an integral part of the band; they too become one with the music.

"Terry Gillespie is one of the most sincerely talented musicians in Canada. He’s a bluesman to the core, but not in the traditional sense for he has range and influences that take it to a whole new level. His blues is the truth and it comes through with every word and melody he wraps his soulful voice around. This is real." – Sue Foley
"After experiencing Terry’s performance, we would absolutely welcome him back anytime." – C. Anderson, Minstrel Caf? & Bar, Kelowna, BC
"It was World-Class Fun and a World-Class performance What a band! And Terry is a star and a gentleman too." – Paul Symmes, Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield

Manotick Concerts

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