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Maple Hill Bluegrass & Pat Moore

Maple Hill is an award winning bluegrass band that brings energy, emotion, fun and the lost art of entertainment to their show. Built on the foundation that "it's all about the song", the band delivers powerful vocals with strong supportive instrumental backup rooted in a traditional sound. Maple Hill covers the full range of bluegrass from the early hard-edge blues through gospel and on to today’s great songwriters, including original compositions.

The band is comprised of co-founders Garry Greenland (guitar, vocals) and Pat Moore (bass, vocals), Kevin Golka (mandolin, vocals) and Sean Lundy (banjo). Garry, Pat and Kevin share the lead and harmony vocals, keeping things fresh and interesting throughout the performance. That said, Pat’s unique ability to distinctively “sing-the-story” is always a crowd favourite.

Pat Moore recorded her first collection of original songs in 2003. Pat's much acclaimed debut album The Time has Never Been Better, a collection of roots songs using bluegrass instrumentation, was followed by a heart and soul wrenching country album, Take it to Heart. Pat and her band Vinyl Frontier performed in Manotick in May of 2017.

Manotick Concerts

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