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Ottawa Ward Boundaries 2005

Excerpt of City of Ottawa report. For full text go to: ottawa.ca/ward/recommendations/05_OWBR_results_en.shtml

5.4 The Rural Wards

Two options were presented for the rural area of Ottawa. One option retains the 5 rural wards and another has 4 rural wards. In all the options, the rural areas of the three suburban wards (Kanata, Bell-South Nepean and Gloucester-Southgate) are added to adjacent rural wards. Also, the options remove the suburban areas that are presently contained in West Carleton, Goulbourn and Cumberland and move them to suburban wards. Through this re-alignment of rural and suburban areas, more effective representation is achieved, especially for the rural community.

The next step was to look at size, both geographic and population. The rural community will always be a small population within the City of Ottawa. However, the geographic size of the rural wards will always be very large. A comparison of population size and geographic size for all wards, based on this Report's recommendations, can be found in Appendix A.

The five ward option has three wards that remain very small with respect to population size. The four ward option balances both population size and geographic size. General size comparisons for the rural area for the options presented in the Options Report are shown below in Table 3.

As noted, the 5 ward option will have three small wards both in 2006 and 2015. The four ward option equalizes ward populations amongst 3 wards - West Carleton, Rideau-Goulbourn and Osgoode. Also, their geographic sizes are more equal. In both options rural Cumberland remains small.

The public meetings in the rural areas were well attended. Many of the issues raised reflect concerns about general governance that are outside the mandate of this Review, but are reported in Section 4 and Appendix B. Most rural residents indicate that they would like to retain 5 rural wards. However, there is also a realization that some of the wards will be quite small. There is strong support for keeping rural communities rural and adding the rural areas of the three suburban wards to the adjacent rural wards.

There was one specific request for a change within the rural area. The Carlsbad Springs Association indicates that the community of Carlsbad Springs is split between the rural areas of Cumberland and Gloucester-Southgate. They request that Cumberland be enlarged to include part of the rural area of Gloucester-Southgate and a portion of the Greenbelt that includes several residents that are associated with Carlsbad Springs.

Map of new rural wards: ottawa.ca/ward/recommendations/images/large/Figure3.jpg

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